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Protection Package

Allstate Complete Protection

Allstate complete car protection

Enviromental Protection Package

Exterior Paint Sealant

  • Protects Against Weather-induced Fading & Loss of Gloss
  • Protects Against Damage from Acid Rain, Bird Droppings & Tree Sap
  • Protects Against Permanent Hard Water Etching & Industrial Fallout
  • Benefits Beyond the Auto Manufacturer's Warranty

Interior Fabric Sealant

  • Protects Against Water and Oil Based Stains
  • Extends the Life of Fabrics and Carpets
  • Contains Inhibitors to Retard Fading
  • For Use on Interior Fabric Seats, Door Panels and Flooring

Interior Leather Sealant

  • Creates a Barrier Against Stains
  • Protects Against Premature Aging
  • Retains Natural Softness
  • For Use on Interior Seats, Door Panels, Dashboards & Trim

Sound Shield

  • Protects Your Underbody from abrasion and road debris
  • Will Reduce Road Noise
  • Lifetime Warranted

Corrosion Protection

  • Form Barrier Against the Elements to Lock Out Corrosion
  • Will Last Beyond 10 years.
  • Provides Warranted Coverage Against Corrosion Perforation from Road Salt, Deicing Chemicals, Humidity, Harsh Elements, time and Mileage.
Protection Package

Sales: 855-860-4100
Service: 847-831-4200

150 Skokie Valley Road
Highland Park, IL 60035

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